2006 Ford Escape XLS

Ford Escape Review

The 2006 Ford Escape XLS is still one of my favorite vehicles. When I had first bought it, I felt like I had hit the jackpot. It was an all terrain vehicle and I loved that. I was able to go off road virtually anywhere and for whatever reason I never got tired of it. Up until recently, I had not driven the Escape since I bought it new for some fifteen years ago. Since then I have had several chances to take it out on the road and I decided that I want to share with you my experiences so that you could get a feel for whether or not it would be right for you.

2006 Ford Escape XLS Car Models

To start, I would like to point out that the Ford Escape xls is not as simple to drive as many of the SUVs on the market. At first, you will probably get frustrated and think that you are going to get lost driving in the dark. However, if you approach it with the right attitude you should easily be able to get where you need to go. My goal here is to help you get started and I think that by the end of this article you would agree that it is well worth taking the time to get to know the vehicle.

In terms of the ride, the 2006 Ford Escape xls is not going to please everyone. If you are tall, you will find that it can make you feel like you are going to fall over. If you are short, it will probably feel uncomfortable to be in it for a long period of time. If you are in between, it might be a good idea to look at another vehicle. The interior is comfortable enough, however, but if you are looking for an improvement you should consider another brand.

One of the biggest things that I liked about the Ford Escape xls was how easy it was to park. Whether you are in town or traveling away from town there are plenty of parking spaces available. In addition, the car’s height also makes it easy to fit in narrow spaces. You do, however, need to realize that it is going to take you quite a bit longer to reach your destination than it would take a sedan or an SUV. The lack of rear seating also limits how far a passenger can stretch out.

The overall ride is comfortable, but the V-tech brakes do take some getting used to. There is a lot of extra noise when the brakes are applied, but after a period of use they become very quiet. The gear change is easy and the gear changes are easy to access without looking inside of the glovebox. As with most compact cars the Ford Escape is one that is going to make a statement about who they are, what they like to do and their budget.

Finally, the ride and handling of the Ford Escape XLS are impressive. They handle the steering very well and the transmission is easy to work with. No strange sounds or abnormal noises come from the engine and it starts and stops very confidently. You do not feel as though you are driving a truck, rather you feel like you are driving a mid-sized sedan. All in all the Ford Escape is a very good vehicle that anyone should consider when they are looking at the types of vehicles that can be found on the market today.

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