Ford Escape Has All the Power You Need for All Occasions

The Ford Escape offers a fun and stylish family car that manages to combine a good deal of luxury and good old-fashioned function. While its basic structure has received some changes over the years, it remains very popular with many Ford customers. So, what’s new about the Ford Escape? Find out below!

Ford Escape Has All the Power You Need for All Occasions Car Models  The new Ford Escape has received its official U.S. launch with its replacement for the outgoing Ford C-MAX. The new model is smaller than the outgoing vehicle, which may be good news for buyers looking for a more practical vehicle. It’s also been given a new trim design, complete with black label trim, among other changes. Let’s take a look at the rest of the Ford Escape trim line:

First off, the Ford Escape’s front end has undergone several changes, mostly cosmetic. The front bumper has been lowered by two inches, bringing it a bit closer to the ground. The headlights have also been relocated to help improve lighting for the driver. The fog light has been moved up from the top of the bumper to reduce visibility when driving in inclement weather. The front and rear bumper lip also increase crash protection, as well as helping to contain the air flow between the bumper and the windshield.

Up next is the Ford Escape’s passenger side. Changes have been made on the exterior as well, with improvements on both the front and the back. The sun now offers a taller opening in the door for easier access to the back seat, while also improving fuel efficiency. Up to four liters of gasoline can now flow out of the vehicle, saving up to five hundred dollars annually. The Ford Escape’s cargo area has also been updated, with better door openings and better door handles.

For the all-important back seat, the Ford Escape includes both a standard and a Limited edition. The Limited edition features redesigned and shorter floor plans to help reduce the weight of the family. Although the standard version still features the same front and rear seats, the Limited adds a step in the bed for easy access to the trunk. Both versions of the Ford Escape offer the same type of auto upholstery, so there is no need for a significant investment in this area.

No matter what style of Ford Escape you choose, one thing that cannot be changed is the quality of the ride. Although passengers do not have much ground clearance when faced with tight turns, the Ford Escape manages to be surprisingly adept at navigating turns in moderate circumstances. Despite the lack of passenger-side airbags on the Escape, the front-wheel drive is sufficient to handle driving in most situations. However, the lack of passenger-side airbags means that the driver will be responsible for any potential injuries that occur during an accident.

As for performance, the Ford Escape continues to rank well overall for small and medium-sized cars. It is EPA-approved for a 17-mpg improvement over its competitors. Even with the turbo model, the Ford Escape maintains the low-powered, but powerful, two-cylinder engine. The two-cylinder engine is paired to a standard five-speed manual transmission, which gives the drivers the ability to gear up for any driving situation.

Genel olarak, Ford Escape , beklenen tüm işlevlere sahip kompakt bir crossover isteyen herkes için harika bir araçtır. Pek çok sürücü , yakıttan tasarruf etmek ve daha güçlü bir araç satın almak için Ford Escape’in dört tekerlekten çekişli versiyonunu tercih edecek olsa da, Escape’i yalnızca otomatik şanzımanlı olarak seçmenin hala birkaç avantajı var. Bu faydalar arasında daha düşük bir genel fiyat ve daha iyi kullanım bulunur. Hangi modeli seçerseniz seçin, Ford Escape size yıllarca keyifli ve ekonomik sahiplik sağlayacaktır.

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